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Welcome to Dragooo, a world of fantasy and excitement, where you will raise your very own dragon.

In the depths of Mount Kami there is an adventure waiting for you like no other seen on the iPhone, all only a finger touch away.

Hatch your egg, feed your baby dragon and watch it grow into a majestic creature. Once fully grown, race it through various

underground tunnels filled with magic and beauty.




Dragooo is an engaging game set in full 3D for your pleasure. The objective of the game is to adopt, feed, nurture,

train and fly your dragon in an underground world filled with magic and beauty.

You begin the game by adopting a dragons egg, and once it hatches looks after the dragon, helping it grow into a teen

by feeding and training it. Once your dragon has grown up you will be able to fly him through the

adjoining caverns under Mount Kahmi.


Dragooo V.1 includes:

- Pet simulation

- Various customizable options

- Multiple race courses

- Full 3d environment

It is only the beginning of this magical journey. There are many more quests and adventures around the bend…

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